I am a Soldier in the Military and the Business Manager/Director of RomanticGestures.co.nz and RomanticGetawaysNZ.com.  I love meeting potential suppliers and accommodation providers as well as offering advice to new and developing businesses.

My experience as a business owner and operator in the Tourism / Defence & Consultant industry provided me with a wide array of ownership experiences, leadership capabilities, people skills, and problem-solving abilities, making me uniquely qualified to increase efficiency and bring success to any small business.

I have a passion for mentoring small businesses, Building effective processes & strategies to evolve business owners into developing a successful businesses as well as building fantastic relationships.

To find success, it is imperative to first build a great business that you and your employees truly believe in. This, in addition to continually adapting to customers needs, trends as well as ensuring sales and success.

My dedication and attention to detail is evident. I bring a unique & relentless approach to problem solving. My loyalty and drive bring about focused results. I am a participative leader. This builds trust and presents the opportunity to build experience and fortitude.

At Romantic Gestures, I was proud to have converted our Small Business into a Prominent tourism company across New Zealand, We increased our profit margins as well as our Market share here in New Zealand giving us huge advantages over the competition. I also used Similar Tactics within my mentor-ship programme and my clients are now enjoying the results.

I have also Mentored over 45 Potential Business owners using Similar Tactics within the last 6 months and 34 small business owners are now starting to draw a wage from their income.
With hard work and motivation as well as fantastic support from my wife Natasha, I have managed to create a solid platform as a small business mentor with a massive difference.
Since I started in October 2017 I managed to procure:

• Over 10 podcast platforms asking permission to play the Small Business Motivation podcast content (15 more in negotiations).

• The only sponsored podcast channel in NZ.

• Over 150k Views on My YouTube Channel within 8 Months.

• Mentored over 63 Loyal Small Business Owners (Growing 8.34% per month).

• Became A guest speaker for the RISE anti-bullying international organisation.

• Over 2.4k likes on FB Page within 6 Months.
• Established a network of over 170 Entrepreneur network.

- Developed a Business Plan Strategy that can easily evolve to cater foe unique small businesses.

- Co-ordinated Marketing Plan with over 60 Clients.

- Implemented a Small Business Positioning Program for brand exposure.

- Advised on the most effective Business Structure.

- Implemented SEO Strategy for website owners.

- Developed Business Tactics for Rapid Growth.

- Strategised Marketing tactics for Social media profiles.

- Lead Generation

- Social media Positioning Strategy for LinkedIn | Facebook | Pinterest | YouTube | Instagram

- Facebook Ads

and so much more.
I am looking to help others to drive revenue, strengthen relationships to increase sales, growth and productivity. Let’s connect! PH: 64+275439970 | E: russell@russell-oliver.com