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Why do men and women love differently?

Why do Men and Women Love differently?

Apart from the obvious emotional, mental and physical differences between men and women in relationships, women tend to be more emotional than men which leads to a difference in the way they love and want to be loved.  “Men on the other hand are wired to act during times of high emotion and since emotion can lead to violence” they tend to want to end the discussion where she wants to carry on talking, Peggy Drexler, Ph.D. Continue reading

Sweet essential oil scents of seduction

All 5 senses are incredibly important when it comes to sex.  We, as humans, fall in love using our senses.  We all have a unique sense of smell with preconceived ideas based on our preferences.  What one person may find a pleasant odour, another may not.  Inhaling scents sends a message to our brain which can trigger memories and feelings either positive or negative, that relate to each scent. Continue reading

Enhanced intimacy

Edit from Active SexLife Solutions offers professional therapy for people experiencing sexual or intimacy concerns in their relationship.  We would like to welcome Edit to our team as she answers your intimacy related questions and concerns.  You may contact her directly or you may send us your question and we will pass it on to […]