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What is a Romantic Getaway?

A Romantic Getaway is one where you are alone together without distractions to spend quality time to focus on each other.  An ideal location would be somewhere secluded, away from noises and distractions that would lead your mind to wander.  Having a getaway with no cell phone coverage is ideal as you are not tempted to look at your Facebook page every hour for updates. Continue reading

7 day Romance challenge

Would you like to enjoy the Honeymoon phase of your relationship again?  Complete this 7 day Romance challenge and you will be sure to have more Romance in your relationship by the end of it.  If you need any suggestions or advice on how to carry out each challenge get in touch with our team and we’ll help you out. Continue reading

We argue, we fight but by the end of the night we’re alright

Do you argue, fight, disagree with your partner?  No healthy relationship is free from these forms of communication.  If you are in a relationship where there are no arguments, disagreements or fights then you must be in a relationship with yourself.

“All couples argue, but it’s the way they argue that determines if their relationship will go the distance”. Continue reading

The challenges step parent families face

The challenges step parent families face can be fraught with varying degrees of highs and lows.  For someone to come into the already established family and fit in mid way through is like a runner jumping into a race half way through and expecting the win the race.  It takes a very special person to love a child that is not their own especially when the child is pre-teen and starting to become rebellious. Continue reading