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Break free from your mobile phone addiction

Would you like help to break free from your mobile phone addiction?  Are you spending too much time looking down at your phone each day instead of spending it with those around you?  Do you find yourself constantly looking for the next text, email, message or update?  Is the amount of time spent on your mobile phone interfering with your relationship? Continue reading

3 ways to spend time together everyday

With only 24 precious hours in every day, couples are finding it difficult to spend quality uninterrupted time together everyday as they juggle the needs of children, jobs outside the home, businesses, family, chores, bills, exercise and hobbies.  Days go by without having had the time to spend together without interruptions from those around them.  Are you one of these couples? Continue reading

Romantic movies

I have been doing some research into the most Romantic Movie Titles in the past 20 years and have come up with the list above.  Any one of these Romantic Movies are perfect for your next Date Night. Continue reading