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Couples differences

One of the fun parts about getting to know a new couple is learning about how they first met.  Because, invariably, you don’t get to hear just one story.  You get to hear two: his and hers.  Conflicting memories can be important when you’re dealing with events and situations that go deeper.  Maybe you and your spouse have different accounts of an awkward situation at a family gathering and, as a result, can’t decide how to deal with it.  Or, you don’t agree on the outcome of a serious conversation about what to do with a rebellious teenager.  What do you do when you want to be on the same page, but seem to be reading different scripts?  How can we learn more about couples differences? Continue reading

Happy wife, happy life!

While dream vacations and milestones are important, it’s the simple things you do that make your wife happy.  Show love and respect to your bride every day and remind her why you were the best choice she’s ever made.  Here are my 9 basic tips for showing every day love.  Remember: “Happy Wife, Happy Life”. Continue reading

Are you with the right partner?

Late last year I came across this article on the internet (Author Unknown) and felt I had to share it with you.  It resonates exactly what we here at Romantic Gestures™ believe.  Please feel free to share this with your friends and family too. During a seminar, a woman asked, “How do I know if […]