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Top five anniversary gifts for men

I have got my share of anniversary gifts in my lifetime, and although it’s a bad thing to say, many of them didn’t leave a good or permanent impression on me.  Sure, I know that giving gifts is all about the intent, but I think that gifts for anniversary have to mean more than intent. They’re the proof of a sincere bond between two people, where the people actually know each other, so there shouldn’t be much room for mistakes there. Continue reading

Why do men and women love differently?

Why do Men and Women Love differently?

Apart from the obvious emotional, mental and physical differences between men and women in relationships, women tend to be more emotional than men which leads to a difference in the way they love and want to be loved.  “Men on the other hand are wired to act during times of high emotion and since emotion can lead to violence” they tend to want to end the discussion where she wants to carry on talking, Peggy Drexler, Ph.D. Continue reading

Ten heartfelt statements men love to hear

Here are ten heartfelt statements that your husband/partner would love to hear you say.  After speaking with numerous boyfriends and husbands, it appears we all have different ways of talking to our wives, girlfriends or boyfriends in order to make them feel appreciated, valued and respected.  I wanted to write this from a guy’s perspective and after a bit of research here are the ten heartfelt statements that we would like to hear from our wives/girlfriends or partners. Continue reading