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Top five anniversary gifts for men

I have got my share of anniversary gifts in my lifetime, and although it’s a bad thing to say, many of them didn’t leave a good or permanent impression on me.  Sure, I know that giving gifts is all about the intent, but I think that gifts for anniversary have to mean more than intent. They’re the proof of a sincere bond between two people, where the people actually know each other, so there shouldn’t be much room for mistakes there. Continue reading

Quality chocolate

Chocolate tends to get bashed around regarding weight gain and whether it is good for you or not, but one thing we do know is that good quality dark chocolate is more beneficial to your body than milk or white chocolate.  Here are some facts that you should know when selecting your next chocolaty treat: Continue reading

Love Language

Do you know what your love language is, or that of your significant other or of your children’s?  Once you have ascertained which one it is, your relationships with others will improve exponentially.