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Do You Celebrate Milestones In Your Relationship?

Here we explain why it is important to celebrate milestones in your relationship.  Thinking back to when Russell and I met, it is easy to remember our first date, our first kiss, the first movie we saw, the first moment we both said “I Love You”.  It is easy to remember all of these but not so easy to remember the subsequent dates, the subsequent movies we saw and the subsequent milestones in our relationship without the help of our Memento box. From the very beginning I have kept mementos from movie stubs, coasters, airline tickets, photographs, luggage tags, mini golf score cards, restaurant receipts and more.  I haven’t kept everything but enough to put together a summary of our time together.

One particular gift I gave to Russell a few years ago was a collage created of several mementos from previous activities we had done.  I then laminated them and presented them to him.  He loved them.

Read this article about why it is important to celebrate milestones and how they can strengthen your relationship.  Reminiscing about how you met and fell in Love is food for the soul and is a great way to reconnect with each other.  We celebrate milestones on a regular basis.  Recently we celebrated our meetaversary as it has been 10 years since we met.  How do you celebrate milestones in your relationship?

Couples who live apart from one another due to their careers can find the time apart from each other rather stressful which is why it is important to celebrate milestones along the way. Celebrating milestones can be done even though there is distance between you, as long as they are carefully thought out.  As a Military family, we are very aware of the need to celebrate milestones as our time together is precious.  If your relationships sees one of you working away from home, contact natasha@RomanticGestures.co.nz for ideas on how to keep your long distance relationship alive.

We would love to hear below about how you celebrate milestones in your relationship.

Romantic budget anniversary ideas


Celebrating anniversaries can be difficult when you are on limited income which is why we are excited to bring you these 25 romantic budget anniversary ideas.  How you celebrate it speaks volumes about the love you have for one another, not the value of the gift given.  You don’t have to buy each other the most expensive flowers, chocolate, jewellery etc to show them how much you care.  Gifts given from the heart will be well received than the gifts with the highest dollar value.  If you struggle with creative ideas and would like some guidance in this area and for more romantic budget anniversary ideas then please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. Continue reading