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New age Love

Since I launched my Yes to Love workshops, I’ve been amazed at the range of people who have showed up, the emotions and issues people are dealing with, and the questions that I get asked.  The very fact that I’ve designed an attraction specific course this year shows the demand is there. Continue reading

Yes to Love

I launched my new body language workshop on attraction at the beginning of April in the Bay of Plenty.  It’s called ‘Yes to Love” – with the operative word being ‘LOVE’. I say that, because it is my recent experience from dealing with clients that there is a somewhat ‘jaded’ viewpoint when it comes to the modern day attraction and dating scene.  I teach my clients in this new offering how to recognise the signs of attraction and use it to their advantage, but with a viewpoint that has an eye on romance.  The courtship ritual, and all of the niceties that go along with it, in fact, never go out of fashion. Continue reading

Body Language

Body Language – Cracking the Code

Did you know that only 7% of what we communicate is verbal?  The other 93% is where the magic really lies in cracking the code to understanding body language and micro-gestures.  I teach people how to recognise and de-code body language.  It’s my way to give back to the world – because people deserve amazing relationships.  Finding, and maintaining love isn’t easy.  Even with the best of intentions, we miss clues that people send out to us, and squander opportunities to connect with people. Continue reading