Romance Planning & Pamper Packages

Read all about how the team here at can help you with all your Romance Planning & Pamper Packages requirements.  An idyllic romantic setting is one filled with bouquets of red roses, scented candles filling the air with sensual aromas, a bottle of Champagne on ice, romantic music playing softly in the background in a picturesque secluded location with a sensual platter of her favourite delights.  Men, how well do you really know your sweetheart?  Take our fun quiz to find out.

When searching for Romantic ideas for him/her, do you become frustrated and overwhelmed when faced with the task of what to choose?  Are you afraid that he/she will hate what you choose so you do nothing for fear of rejection?  It is better to do nothing than get them something they hate and constantly remind you about their dislike for it for years to come, right?  Wrong.  Here are some tips to help you plan your Romantic occasion:
• Think about what he/she enjoys doing.  Is it reading, writing, cinema, cycling, gardening?
• Think about the comments they have made recently. Has he/she said, “Oh, I would love to do that, if only I had the time?”
• What makes him/her really happy?  Is it spending time with their friends, time in the sun or time spent with you?
• Does he/she enjoy certain fragrances, do they have any favourite treats that they enjoy?

Remember, you can always make money but you can’t always make memories.  Without a doubt, it is the thought that counts.  Spending some time thinking about Romantic ideas for your sweetheart will ensure they receive a gift with Love.  If in doubt, I would be more than happy to offer you suggestions on more Romantic ideas for your special occasion. Our gift vouchers are one of the many Romantic gifts we know they will Love.  Our packages start from $100.00.  Send an email to

We can arrange any package anywhere in New Zealand so don’t despair if you can’t find details in your area as we use vendors from around the country.  Below are a few of the many pamper packages we have on offer in the Canterbury region:

Beautiful You – In Home Pamper Package

Enjoy being treated like princesses in the comfort of your own home by our highly trained, fully qualified beautician.  She will cater to your individual requirements and leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.  Choose from the following mini spa treatments:

  • Manicures
  • Pedicures
  • Waxing
  • Tinting
  • Massage

Prices start from $POA and a minimum of four people per party is required.  Treatment time for each person is approximately 30 minutes.  Travel fee will be added to those bookings outside the city limits.  For more information email

Chocolate Appreciation Class

Does the sight of chocolate evoke a desire within to devour some immediately?  ArChocolate Schoole you a chocoholic and/or purveyor of fine quality chocolate and would love to:

  • Immerse yourself into the history & mystery of chocolate
  • Learn how to taste fine chocolate
  • Get hands on oh so chocolatey in the chocolate kitchen
  • Learn how to temper chocolate
  • Make your own amazing chocolates
  • Learn a moment of The Form, to connect to your creativity and inspiration
  • Laugh Love and be inspired!!

This course includes: Chocolate Fondue, Chocolate Tastings from around the world and  taking home all finished chocolates.  $POA.  Great ‘Date Night’ activity.


"Thanks so much for the urgent delivery of a gourmet picnic hamper to celebrate our 5th Wedding Anniversary"
Gourmet Picnic Hamper
Adrian Smith – AustraliaGourmet Picnic Hamper
"My husband loved it, thank you"
Movie Night Bucket
LynneMovie Night Bucket
"Thanks for all your help, he loved it"
Movie Night Bucket
Sarah BenjaminPopcorn Bucket Gift