Marriage Proposals

A Marriage Proposal is a sign of commitment, Love, trust, respect and companionship.  One person has decided they want to spend the rest of their life with their partner and have decided to propose to them thereby confirming their love for each other with a ceremony in front of friends and family.

Where marriage was once a process of legitimizing offspring, establishing rights of either party, control over ones property or a means to an end in order to pursue sexual activities, it has evolved into a process of recognition and respect of the union of the couple.

Marriage proposals are becoming more popular through social media with couples planning lavish and public displays of affection. I personally love to watch flash mob proposals as that tells me the person proposing has taken the time to plan and prepare their proposal and by including others in their plan they are honouring and respecting their partner.

Here is one of the best flash mob proposals I have seen recently.  Often when one person is thinking of proposing to their partner, they are daunted by the prospect of how to come up with the perfect marriage proposal or even how to propose.  Where do you start?  Our proposal planners are here to create your personalised proposal tailored to the both of you.  Please allow more than 4 weeks for us to plan and execute your proposal.  We prefer longer however we will endeavor to plan and execute your proposal to the best of our ability with the time given.

Here is the process involved with each proposal:

  • Initial 1/2 hour complimentary consultation via email, phone or skype (which you will have unlimited access to should your booking proceed)
  • A deposit of $100.00 is secured in order for planning to commence
  • We ask a few vital questions to determine the best possible options for your package
  • A proposal is then sent to you for confirmation prior to any bookings being made
  • Once we receive your confirmation, we then send an invoice for payment of your package
  • All necessary bookings are made and we coordinate with the various vendors required
  • If necessary, we will undertake site visits and can be present on the day to co-ordinate vendors (additional fees apply)
  • You have the option of receiving a detailed itinerary of events leading up to your proposal or alternatively we can instill some aspects of mystery along the way
  • We follow up at the conclusion of your proposal to make sure everything went as planned


“Natasha, has been fantastic throughout. I had a big problem at the start because I was looking for an “Engagement Planner” instead of “Wedding Planner” and had a hard time finding one online. I emailed a few wedding planner companies that I found and one of them was RG. Natasha was the very first one who was very responsive and replied almost immediately. Natasha was able to relate to what I intended to do and gave me a few ideas and solutions unlike other companies I contacted who were not very keen for my business because my preparation time was only 45 days away from initial contact. I wanted this special moment to be photo and video recorded and she managed to find two outstanding companies which my fiancé and I are really happy with the quality they produced. Their final result is a masterpiece and we couldn’t have been more happier with the result. Thank you so much Natasha for your responsiveness, transparency, honesty, for going that extra mile and for your attitude which made this special moment for us so memorable” – Tommy William – Singapore

Start planning TODAY!
Pay Deposit

As a guide, prices of our packages start at $500.00 (excluding the deposit) and cannot be confirmed until the proposal is confirmed due to any additions that are added as per the clients request. Below are a selection of packages available and can be personalised to each couple. Please feel free to contact me on 027 4468664 or email for assistance with your perfect marriage proposal. I will send you a voucher for an exclusive “On Bended Knee” complimentary consultation to help you start creating your perfect marriage proposal if you are not able to carry out the initial consultation at time of inquiry.

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“It was the best decision to pick you for our surprise Marriage Proposal while on holiday in NZ. Thank You. Upon seeing the video of it, Isabel cried. Perfect. We love it. Thank you so much”
Andreas & Isabel – GermanyMarriage Proposal
"Highly recommend Romantic Gestures to anyone and everyone!! Superb setup! Thanks again Natasha"
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