Interested in becoming a accommodation provider?

Here is what you need to know.

Romantic Gestures has over 59 Accommodation Providers across New Zealand and we also have a set criteria and expectations that our clients have to be met.

  1. Scenery and setting needs to be to our “Romantic Standard”.
  2. Your property has to have a point of difference as defined by us.
  3. You need to provide us with the following info before you are represented:
  • Website url (only if you have a website)
  • Photos (minimum of 5)
  • Contact details (ph, email and address of the accommodation)
  • Any videos (YouTube, Vimeo and Facebook links are fine)
  • A brief description of your accommodation

Send the info to

Please ensure you read the accommodation provider T&C.

If you wish to continue to be represented on our website, this will be considered as you and your business accepting our terms and conditions.

Accommodation Providers T&C